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We started this company out of frustration with other flyer distribution companies. After finding our flyers in the trash on to many occasions we decided to start Chicago Flyer Distribution.

Flyer Distribution

Chicago Flyer Distribution employes a full time crew to pass out your marketing materials. With full time employees only devoted to distributing flyers you can trust us to delivery your marketing materials precisely and consistently. Most issues with flyer distribution companies stem from the fact they use temp workers to hand out

Flyer Distribution is the cheapest way to market locally. Flyer distribution costs roughly half of Every Door Direct Mail and a quarter of Direct Mailing. The customer gets the same message but for a fraction of the cost making mass marketing affordable

Every Door Direct Mail

Every door direct mail is moving fast to become the king of local marketing. With the ability to get your message out any time of year to an unlimited number of people EDDM is becoming the top choice among local marketers. Were here to make EDDM easy. We can print, bundle, sort and ship your postcards, brochures or other materials in a timely and very cost competitive fashion.

EDDM is about half the cost of direct mailing and more expensive than flyer distribution. Your budget determines how many postcards you can mail at a time. The size of the postcard can also make a difference depending on what you are mailing. For more information feel free to contact admin@w57.13d.myftpupload.com

Direct Mailing

Direct mailing with variable data is the most efficient, targeted marketing you can possible do. With 20% higher ROI(return on investment) than traditional blanket marketing variable mailing aims to get customers and keep them.

Variable Mailing
If you are targeting a specific group of people you would want a list that is relevant to that target. An example would be if you were running a daycare you would want to target parents around the ages of 24-35. That is what makes variable mailing so powerful – a direct and targeted message to potential clients.

The costs of direct mailing has come down significantly since its inception many years ago. Using digital technology we can print the variable data on any marketing piece. Our rates are some of the most competitive in the nation, for a quote contact us anytime at admin@w57.13d.myftpupload.com

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