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White, Gainsboro, LightGrey, Silver, DarkGray, dark grey, black, DarkSlateGray, dark golden rod, dark khaki, Gray, dark olive green, DimGray, dark green, LightSlateGray, dark sea green, SlateGray, dark slate gray, dark cyan, dark turquoise, Sienna, dark magenta, SaddleBrown, dark red, dark violet, Brown, dark orchid, Honeydew, Snow, grey, Maroon, DarkBlue, MistyRose, 0000A0, LavenderBlush, Linen, AntiqueWhite, Ivory, OldLace, FloralWhite, Beige, GhostWhite, WhiteSmoke, Seashell, MintCream, Azure, AliceBlue, Peru, Chocolate, RosyBrown, SandyBrown, Goldenrod, DarkGoldenrod, Tan, BurlyWood, Wheat, NavajoWhite, BlanchedAlmond, Bisque, Cornsilk, SkyBlue, PowderBlue, LightSteelBlue, CadetBlue, SteelBlue, MediumTurquoise, DarkTurquoise, Aquamarine, Turquoise, MidnightBlue, DarkBlue, Navy, LightSkyBlue, DeepSkyBlue, DodgerBlue, CornflowerBlue, MediumSlateBlue, RoyalBlue, Blue, MediumBlue, LightBlue, PaleTurquoise, Aqua, LightCyan, Teal, DarkGreen, YellowGreen, OliveDrab, Olive, DarkOliveGreen, MediumAquamarine, DarkSeaGreen, LightSeaGreen, DarkCyan, LightGreen, MediumSpringGreen, SpringGreen, MediumSeaGreen, SeaGreen, Lime, LimeGreen, PaleGreen, ForestGreen, Green, Chartreuse, LawnGreen, GreenYellow, SlateBlue, DarkSlateBlue, Purple, Indigo, DarkOrchid, DarkViolet, DarkMagenta, BlueViolet, Amethyst, Orchid, MediumOrchid, MediumPurple, Violet, Plum, IndianRed, Lavender, Thistle, PeachPuff, FireBrick, DarkSalmon, LightCoral, Salmon, dark orange, dark salmon, OrangeRed, LightGoldenrodYellow, LightYellow, LemonChiffon, Yellow, Gold, Orange, DarkOrange, Khaki, DarkKhaki, PaleGoldenrod, PapayaWhip, Moccasin, Magenta, Fuchsia, Crimson, DeepPink, DarkRed, PaleVioletRed, HotPink, Red, Pink, LightPink, MediumVioletRed, LightSalmon, Coral, Tomato


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